Erika Jon

For more than 25 years, Erika Jon has worked as a Human Resources professional for corporations including Boeing Aerospace, Caterpillar, Marriott, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Sara Lee. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, and her Master’s degree in Human Relations and Business from Amberton University in Dallas, Texas, and she got her first coaching certification from JFK and the Ford Institute.

Erika was raised “old school”, meaning children are to be seen and not heard. She often found herself in boardrooms with executives, directors and managers, where she sat in complete silence, feeling she didn’t have a voice or anything to offer not realizing she had never confronted or addressed this ingrained belief. She would often be the only female and/or African American in the room. After experiencing what she calls an identity crisis, she realized the foundation of her self-identity was faulty. This crumbling propelled her to rebuild her self-worth and identity into a strong and assertive leader with a voice.

Erika Jon

She developed an insatiable desire to tap into her hidden potential and to learn the principles of living a successful, joyous and prosperous life. This led her on a journey through numerous personal development books, programs, workshops, retreats and classes. Her thirst for knowledge and strong desire to help others was the catalyst for her obtaining her first life coach certification as a Certified Integrative Life Coach through the Ford Institute and JFK University. Erika furthered her extensive knowledge of personal and professional development, behavioral assessments, and leadership and communication styles by becoming a certified DISC and Hogan facilitator.

Today, she teaches leaders how to lead, uses her voice to train and guide individuals, organizations, teams and team leaders to optimal performance, desired results, and/or sudden break-throughs. Her extensive client list includes CEOs, actors, project managers, work groups and staff employees, nationally and internationally. Erika enjoys using her unique skills as a Life Coach to yield ideal and achievable results to her clients’ satisfaction.


Keynote Info

Get ready to be wowed by Erika Jon’s thought-provoking stories and strategies. Her keynotes will leave you energized and inspired to peak performance, exceptional leadership and/or transformation. Erika has an arsenal of topics for speeches. Below are some of her most popular. She is great at customizing a speech that will cater to your special event.

Essential Habits for Effective Leadership

Learn 5 unique habits to being an outstanding effective leader that you may never have associated with being a leader.

The Secret to Getting Unstuck

Get off the hamster wheel of your life and live the life you dream of. Erika Jon will arm you with the tools that will change the trajectory of your life.

Creating a Business Plan for Your Life

Just like a business needs a plan to succeed, having a plan for your life will define your goals and strategies for having a successful life.

Destination Arrival

Destination Arrival Teambuilding Workshop is a unique and engaging intensive experience based workshop, The magic happens in the experience because words don’t teach.


Love What I Do/Hate Leading People


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